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Mora National Fish Hatchery (Mora, NM)

Nate Wiese is fishery biologist with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, and manager of the Mora National Fish Hatchery. On April 20, I volunteered to help with some maintenance at the hatchery, and was able to learn a lot about native fish management and species recovery.

Santa Fe Raptor Center (El Rito, NM)

Lori Paras is an expert in treating raptors afflicted with lead poisoning, and on April 11, I was allowed to visit the Santa Fe Raptor Center facility to witness first-hand what lead poisoning can do to bald eagles.

Cross Watershed Network Annual Workshop – 2018 (Socorro, NM)

The workshop is an annual event focusing on peer-to-peer interaction between watershed restoration practitioners. This year, the event was hosted by the Save our Bosque Task Force, a non-profit organization based in Socorro, New Mexico.